Be wise and accessorize with women’s skinny belts

gftWomen’s accessories often make the outfit but it can also spoil it. You can’t go wrong with the versatility of skinny belts and you can wear it with almost any outfit.

Imagine a black and white polka dot dress with a contrast white and black jacket or cardigan. Is the outfit complete you wonder? By adding a black skinny belt as an accessory you give your outfit that little bit extra.

What about a neutral colored pair of slacks and blouse? Blend in with a leather or same toned skinny belt. Alternatively make a statement with a bright colored skinny belt. Add a red or pink or perhaps a yellow skinny belt. Be different and tie a not at the back or double up with your belt.

Can you wear a skinny belt with a high wasted skirt? Imagine a black high wasted skirt with a red silk blouse. Now imagine the same skirt and blouse with a skinny red belt. It is amazing how such a simple accessory can completely change an outfit. How about adding a skinny belt to your navy high wasted pencil skirt with a casual T-shirt?tyul

Let’s go casual with jeans and a white blouse. Add a bright colored skinny belt to the belt loops of your jean. The weather is a little chilly, so put on your cardigan or sweater. A neutral brown skinny belt will look great worn over the cardigan or sweater. Depending on the length of the belt, if it is long enough, tie a not and let the buckle hang down.

Be wise and accessorize with the amazing women’s skinny belts has to offer. The next time you are shopping on line, searching for that great women’s accessory to give your outfit that little bit of extra flair, visit us at You will be surprised at our wide selection of skinny belts.


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